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Rail Quarry Saw-Engine Driven
Rail Quarry Saw-Engine Driven
Product's Name :

Rail Quarry Saw-Engine Driven

Model No. : Engine Driven
Detail :

Material Features:

  • Heavy duty steel and iron chass Carriage to
    suppot the mechanical and oil-powered equipment.
  • Air-cooled diesel Engine, 1800 R.P.M.
    equipped with electric starter motor
  • Oil-powered transmission equipment for
    moving the machinery along the track, lifting and positioning the blade and
    opening the blade-guard.
  • Universal circular disk saw cutting, for
    both vertical and horizontal planes on left and right hand side of the machine,
    can cut within 50mm from quarry wall, carriage on wheels suitable for running
    on rails.
  • Heavy-duty mobile reduction-gear, powered
    by the engine by means of multiple ring-belts. On the slow shaft of the
    reduction-gear, with exceeds the maximum with of the machinery on both sides,
    two or more cutting blades can be installed, either on the left or right side,
    on both of them.
  • The machine Maveco 180 can be used for all
    requirements, it is an universal type of machine characteristical for a very
    high production range, heavy weight, very tough and stable besides having a
    very wide operating flexibility.


Cutting range: within 50mm from quarry wall

Wheel base: appox 750mm

Rail size: 80mm high x 6m long

Cutting speed: max 20/m/mm

Disks: 1240mm diameter Vertical Cutting /
700mm diameter Horizontal Cutting

Disk speed: Max rpm195 / Min, depends on
engine revolution

Cylinder: 6

power rating approx: 130KW

Engine: diesel

Fuel Tank working hours: 8 hours continuous

Starter: complet battery and electrical

Reduction Gear: rapid gait, slow gait

ransmission: hydraulic

Cooling system: air


Length: 4500mm

Width: 2300mm

Height: 2400mm

Total weight: 6500kg

Company Name : MAVECO Stone Machinery BV
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Business Type : Manufacturer
Product/Service : Stone working machinery,cutting saw machine,polishing machine
Company Address : Lange Voren 8
Postal Code : 5541RT
Contact Person : Henri Bohncke
Phone : 0031 4973834 41
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WebSite : http://www.maveco.nl

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