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To Sell Marble Adhesive
To Sell Marble Adhesive
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To Sell Marble Adhesive

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Product Introduction
The product is manufactured with high-purity, stableness and top-quality materials and possesses high-grade quality after refined under strict production process. It is applicable for  bonding of all kinds of marble or repair of crack and breaking trace of stone surface and has the feature of high strength and stable storage and possesses the glossiness of natural marble after burnishing. The product should be laid on the shady, cool and ventilated place to avoid insolation.

Application scope

It is applicable for mutual adhesive bonding of different materials such as stone, wood, cement prefabricated parts, clay brick, fiberglass reinforced plastics, artificial stone, etc.


The surface should be dry and free from moist and foreign substances such as dust, dirt, etc. Catalyst should be sufficiently given and mixed well-proportioned and amply. On the contrary, adhesive bonding is not firm or with low strength.

Company Name : Wuhan Keda Marble Protective Materials Co,.Ltd
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Product/Service : marble adhesive,liquid gels of stone materials,dry epoxy hanging mastics
Company Address : Economic Development Zone, Taiwan investment, Dongxi Lake, Wuhan City.
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