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To Sell firming Agent165(picture)
To Sell firming Agent165(picture)
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To Sell firming Agent165(picture)

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The penetrate ability of the product is high and could be available into the inner structure of the stone, which could improve the strength, quality of the stones greatly. With strong adhesive power, resistant of aging, oil, water; clear glue with small contractility, be usable to cure all kinds of colors of stone materials.



Mixing Rate (A:B)

Viscosity (25℃,mPa.S)

Density (g/cm3)

Usable Time (min)

First Solidify Time(h)

Part A& B both are clear thick liquid


A:600-1000 B:10-30


A:0.98-1.2   B:0.9-1.1




【Scope of Application】

Mainly used in all kinds of stone materials, concrete to fill and cure, especially for curing the crack, sand hole, loose, breakage of the stones. With perfect cure performance for yellow, red stone with big defective points.


Using Method

1.      Remove the oil, dust from the surface and keep clear, dry.

2.      Mix SK-165 by rate of A: B as 3:1 thoroughly. Spread the glue into the crack slowly. Also can dip the glue into the crack.

3.      Fill the crack every few minutes by 2-3 times. Polish the glue after solidifying. If permission, heat the stone to 50-60℃ firstly, then spread the glue and roast to speed up the solidifying.

4.      Spread 2 sides for thick stones. Also can press the 2 sides by vacuum to enhance the penetrating ability.

5.      For big cracks, add some mountain meal into the glue before spreading, which could improve the stone structure, reduce contractility.

6.      For broken stone, should flat and fix the two surfaces firstly, then use SK-165 to cure.


Storage And Packing

1.       With one year life time in cool, ventilated and dry condition. Can go on use if test valid after the validity period.

2.       Non-inflammable, non-poisonous after solidifying.

3.       Packing size: 4kg/set (16kg/ctn) in plastic bottle.

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