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Weha Quartz Diamond polishing pads from Weha USA

( Date: 2017-3-22 17:02:19 )

The new Weha Quartz Diamond polishing pads from Weha USA are made using the exclusive geometric water displacement technology pattern design, and with a high concentration of diamond into each grit. This allows the pad to create a high-gloss finish with the speed that other diamond polishing pads can’t achieve.

The product is made with white resin, designed specifically to eliminate all bleeding on quartz engineered stone materials. Additionally, these premium pads work well on all granite and quartzite stones.

The company has tested the pads on virtually every material made and the result is a flawless polish match on stones.

Details include:

4-inch diameter
3 mm thickness
Quick thorough polishing
No outer segment loss due to tight radius and inside sink corner polishing
Highest diamond concentration for polishing pads
Extreme flexibility

Weha Quartz Diamond polishing pads from Weha USA

From: www.stoneworld.com

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