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How to Carve Limestone Panels ?

( Date: 2014-2-12 17:06:50 )

Carved stone panels decorate the exteriors of many historical buildings, boasting insignias or memorializing historical events. Carved stone panels also grace mantels above fireplaces or provide focal points of interior decor. Limestone holds fine detail well, is easily carved and weathers well, making this stone an ideal medium for carved stone panels. Calcium carbonate skeletons from tiny marine animals fall to the sea floor in layers that eventually harden into limestone, and these layers are easily chipped away to create the relief of the carved stone panel.


                                                                 How to Carve Limestone Panels ?                                                    

Instructions as follows:


Firstly, place sandbags on your work surface and rest the limestone panel on the sandbags; the bags will absorb vibrations as you chisel your design into the stone. This is especially important when working with soft stone such as limestone that might break easily.

Secondly, sketch the rough outline of your panel design onto the flat surface of the limestone panel with a pencil or crayon.
Thirdly, rough out the shape of your carving using a large, flat chisel or pitching tool. Hold the tool at an angle toward the stone you wish to remove, and hit the end of the chisel with the hammer to break the stone. You will easily be able to remove excess material from limestone, without the use of carbide saws needed for roughing in designs in harder stone. You may find that larger pieces of stone chip away; experiment with different angles, distances from chisel to stone edge and hammer force to create the desired shape.

Fourthly, chisel parallel lines in the stone with a point chisel to finish removing the bulk of the stone from the design. Space the lines approximately 1/2 inch apart when working with limestone. Chisel a second set of lines perpendicular to the first set to create a cross-hatch mosaic pattern, then use the tip of the point chisel held at a low angle to break out the squares of stone.

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